DIY: in Prison

Limited resources? Hiding from authority? No, not a young DIY-er with a low budget and strict parents, but prison inmates trying to get out. Take a look at this collection of photographs by Marc Steinmetz showcasing creative escape tools crafted by German prisoners while in jail. While many of them were confiscated before completion or implementation, a handful of them were used successfully to break out of jail.

While I in no way condone these actions, you've got to admit some of these are creative use of available resources. Plus, if Instructables ever ran an Escaping from Prison contest (sponsored by Alcatraz tourism, anyone?), we'd all be up against some pretty stiff competition.

Escape Tools

Picture of DIY: in Prison
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I think it would be good if we got to test our items....
haha have a brawl and get a one nighter, then escape!!
Haha, yeah why not... I think I should come over to london and start a fight with the lion in trafalgar... BTW, where did all the pigeons go in general? We now have more than you...
I think they got sick of all the little kids chasing them :D Punching that lion would be pretty painful :P
Such a story though, I had a fight with a metal lion...
your fists must have been sore after that
More so my teeth..
you bit a metal lion you sure you still have your teeth?
Actually I've got ridiculous teeth, last time a bottle got knocked against them by accident, you know when someone bumps in to you... I ended up spitting out glass for half an hour because it smashed on them...
Did you fill your teeth up with concrete? Heck you might even be able to make a i'ble on how to smash a bottle on your teeth (or how to fill your teeth with concrete
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