DIY musket challenge

I have a challenge! Who can make the best DIY musket and instructable on how to do so. I will be the judge but I still need contestants.

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Austringer2 years ago

Would a small signal cannon be acceptable? (The 1" ball fits and we plan on point blanking a watermelon with it at some point using remote ignition, but since it's cast bronze we don't want to make a habit of putting it under a load.)

blackholeseeker (author)  Austringer2 years ago


Oh, where's the instructable??

blackholeseeker (author) 2 years ago

The deadline is the 25 of february

Then I'm out, too many project running atm:)

I can increase it to the 15 of march. even later if you'd like.

blackholeseeker (author) 2 years ago

all props must have orange band so no mistakes occur.

i think this should have a buttload of safety warnings, because if you mess up you basically have a pipebomb....... other than that, great idea! can't make one myself because firearms are no go in holland:/

There are ways and means - how about a bungee musket?

blackholeseeker (author)  Kiteman2 years ago

By all means, Do it!

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