DM-15 bolt action sniper

well, all the great K'nex gunners have snipers(besides oodalumps , but his semi-auto makes up for that :-) ), so I thought i would make one. its nothing really new, nothing innovative. Just that it has a bolt to pull back the ram, that allows for rapid fire. It's could be as powerful as the other snipers but i can't put to much power because i have to pull the ram back with one hand(i am wimpy so you guys will have more power). it has a 9 round mag that could be extended if you wanted. Has a block trigger hooked up to a true trigger. The front is just a make barrel. Bipod folds up and hooks onto the front of the fake barrel. i am sorry that the bolt is hard to see in the gun, it on the right side. only the left side is shown in the first two pics. its in the third pic but is kind of hard to see. it works by having a "door" in the side of the barrel for the bold to travel in and out of. the bolt need tape because the orange connectors would come off instead of pulling back the ram(the ram is the same from the pack sniper). it has just your basic scope on it, nothing to new on that part. yea, i think thats it. instructions are being made.

Picture of DM-15 bolt action sniper
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are instructions still coming?
dsman195276 (author)  I_am_Canadian9 years ago
no, sorry. i had to take it apart. the insides just had to many little parts, it would have been to complicated and taken a long time to make the instructions.

BUT i have made a new gun, compact assault rifle to be exact. i it is very powerful(shoots through 3 layers of cardboard with 3 rubberbands) and uses little pieces. i have pictures of it. it has around the power of the morretti but uses a fraction of the pieces. this will have instructions, i have worked to hard and put to much into this gun to not post it.(some of my blood is on that gun!)
LOL very early version
i kinda already made one, lol. urs uses less peices though.
dsman195276 (author)  popomaster9 years ago
you mean your compact AST rifle? this one is way more powerful(just guessing from what i know), the newest moded version can shoot through cardboard with one rubber band on it, and shoot through cardboard from 15 feet away with 2 rubber bands. it gets all this power from a new idea i put into it, it essentially does the same thing as some gun like KILLERK's pistol, but in a different way that resolutes in less friction.
single shot? lol, urs is probobly stronger because mine has a hopper. and ur new system
dsman195276 (author)  popomaster9 years ago
yes, single shot, but that is because when i had a hopper on it i shot it once and the hopper exploded and one of my cut orange connectors broke in half, i could put a hopper on it but it would break pieces every shot, witch then would have to fix it every shot making it take longer to load.
smidge1479 years ago
yer it's ok.
dsman195276 (author)  smidge1479 years ago
thanks, its a true bolt action.
Are you sure its a true bolt action? In order to be a true bolt action, you must pull the bolt back, and push it forward to load. If the gun doesn't require that you push it forward, it isn't a true bolt action.
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