Alright remember when dsman and Thedunkis were talking about combining their side arms to make a perfect side arm? Well I was searching randomly while I was bored and I came across an image titled "TDS2" with tags like "PSA, DM-TD-SA" so I started to wonder if this happened to be that pistol. It must have been a big secret as they darkened the image too. This sounds pretty cool I really hope this is real. Dsman and Thedunkis have really cool side arms and having them combined would truly make a awesome side arm. What do you guys think? P.S. Dsman and Thedunkis please don't kill me if this is true. I'll delete it if you want. Edit: TheDunkis and Dsman claim all rights to their photos and guns and may not be shared with anyone else

Picture of DM-TD-SA?
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TheDunkis9 years ago
Alright here is an image of my most updated version. So far I'm pretty satisfied but this isn't the final version for sure. I still have yet to upload the video.
Bump my image back up so people can see it. I changed the looks so I got rid of the entire side parst up front and the under part supporting it. Then I readded the hop mech. I did get a chance to test it and the hop got a good advantage. They only rested like half a meter from each other but really that was from the rolling. The landed in reality about at least a meter or so from each other. So it isn't the greatest but it makes a big difference in house wars. Also in theory it should increase greatly the more powerful you make it. I was only using the rubber band you see there.
really, i forgot to add in the other comment you changed a lot, most of what i have been doing is adding on random junk, then not likeing the junk and converting back to the old random junk lol.
Meh I still wish I actually had something add to the gun though. I didn't get a good over the top slide but that's what the simple slide is for and I like it the way it is. I just wish I though up a removable magazine. Maybe we should see if we can get the D. Falcon worked better? All that was wrong with it was the strength of the handle otherwise it worked great.
well, i gave up on a slide, there just to faulty right now. i have almost finished my gun, it is really cool, but it needs just a little finishing touches and it will be ready to show you guys :-).
If you can make a perfect slide, you will be the most famous. Even though you probably already are...
Saweet :)
jeez dude you did some work on that thing. i really have not updated mine with to much. it did have a bad side at one point but thats about all i have tried to do on it. hmm, did you convert back to grey connector ammo?
Lol yeah I kind of just reverted back the the old TDS style but then I decided I might as well give it some sort of detail to separate it from the rest of the pistols. Yes I did decide to use dark greys as my main ammo because the handle is just more comfortable that way. Also my gun can use your ammo just fine you just have to be careful loading them. Then I have a special ammo I working on that uses shells although so far it's just a concept. There will be more details in the video. I guess I'll have to upload it tomorrow.
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