FN2000 Rubber Band Gun

Ok, please don't kill me. I made an RBG. But not just any RBG, this one is a rifle. And it looks good. And I want to know if I should post it. Should I? Below are various pictures of the gun. It is vaguely based off of the FN2000. Hope you enjoy, Danke.

Edit: The instructable is done. The link is here.

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acer7310 years ago
Do you mean RPG (rocket propelled grenade)
smidge147 acer7310 years ago
yer it fires rockets with grenades on the end
Whaleman (author)  acer7310 years ago
No, I meant RBG
bobbyk88110 years ago
KILL ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolol
smidge14710 years ago
well why would we kill you as this is SEMI-AUTO!!! and i dont see any other semi-auto knex guns on this site.
Whaleman (author)  smidge14710 years ago
well, it is an rbg
very nice You, very nice INDEED!
so, should I post it?
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