DS vs. DS Lite vs. DSi vs. DSi XL

 Here you can talk about the DS, DS Lite, DSi, and DSi XL.

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jackytseng5 years ago
Now we can add 3DS in the list. 3DS is really awesome then.
junits157 years ago
personally, I like the DSlite, because even though the newer consoles have bigger screens, they are the same resolution as the original DS :\  Plus DSLite has the longest battery life and is the most sleek.  And by adding a flashcart to the equation it opens up A LOT more possibilities for the system.  The only thing that I think the DSi has over the DSLite is the processor ans the cameras.  once some DSi exclusive homebrew comes out it should be cool.  the DSi's faster processor allows for things like motion tracking using the cameras.  Oh also the built in memory is nice too . :)
 The big advantage of the DSIXL is the screen is so big in comparison that children dont end up squinting and holding it close to their eyes. 
If is much better for avoiding eye-strain b
Doctor What7 years ago
 DS - It looks ancient now.  The design was poor, but that's not the reason why people bought it.  It revolutionized the gaming industry, except that it was almost a direct design copy of one of the earlier game and watch systems.  Game and watch was an early Nintendo system, which is why Mr. Game and Watch is a character in Super Smash Bros.

DS lite - Except for the cracked hinge problem and the shoulder buttom malfunction, the ds lite was an improvement in every way.  It was compact, and more accessible.  It was the gem of the DS line.

DSi - They turned the DS into a camera, and bumped up the size a few percentage points, and repackaged it as a new device.  Both of the innovations were lackluster, and wasn't worth the 60 dollar price difference at all.  This DS = failure.  Although, I will say that some of the camera and apps were fun to play with, but I lost interest after a while, just like all gimmicks.

DSi XL - The outrageously large Frankenstein brother of the DS line.  They completely missed the point of a "handheld".  It's more like trying to draw on a book while only holding one hand.  What they also failed to mention is that the resolution in the games didn't get any better, so you could just see the choppy images, now with more choppiness!   This DS was worse than the DSi, and didn't sell very well either.  Hopefully they'll have better luck with their next line of handhelds.
Braeburn7 years ago
 I only have a few things to say about this. The DSi XL is huge, and if the original DS had treads on it, it would be  tank.