DS vs PSP !

Its the handheld battle! lol.

Just wondering which is better Sony PSP or the Nintendo DS?

Ive got a PSP and I actually got bored of it! The games are not that fun or addictive to me.....
I havn't played on it since September, now thats a long time!

I'm thinking of getting a DS, cause i have played an old pokemon game ( crystal) for the first time ever on my phone, and REALLY liked it. Its very addictive. So it would be better if i played it on a DS which has a bigger screen(s). My phone is only one 1.5 inch.

Plus the mario games and the trauma center games look very fun!

So also, I am asking you is it worth it to get a DS? Will I get bored of it ? Cause personally i found the PSP to be very overrated, and eventually I got bored of it, now its lying around somewhere - useless, collecting dust.

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Kevvixx9 years ago
PSP all the way! 1. Movies 2. Not just Kid Games 3. Hackable 4. The List can go on!
the ds is hackable
you can buy thing to get all of those things. and keep this in mind. everything for the psp costs more then the DS
or you could just buy the psp and spend some time on TPB.
1. But the PSP comes with it all built in. 2. Not much more though.
yes, i do a lot with my ds. someone even made software to make the DS boot up mac software.
And how much extra did it cost for an R4 and a memory card for it? That's extra, not built in or integrated.
i just bought a acekard2 for 12.00. a micro SD for it was 10 dollars. add that into the price of a DS and it still is only around 140.00 dollars.
It takes up the game slot; not built in : )
but you can also use it to play games and such. i almost never take it out.
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