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Im starting this thread on hacking the DSi. Any new developments will be posted here

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A.C.E.8 years ago
where can i buy a good quality r4 cart? i have an original fat ds, and i found r4ds.cn, but i dont find anywhere to buy on the site. when i click buy and dealers the site redirects me to the features page. Any other goo site?
dude r4 is a spinoff of acekard acekard also laods faster plays mp3s and can soft reset with l+r+a+b+down
dombeef A.C.E.8 years ago
A.C.E.8 years ago
if it can still play normal ds games, then our r4 carts should still work if we can find/create some bootable software to put on them... right? (im a total noob at hacking the ds. i never used mine. in the almost 2 years that i have had it, i still only have 2 games, therefor, im not sure if it is worth it for my to buy the dsi. I could be spending that money (after i make it lol) on better stuff like hard drives.)
Bartboy A.C.E.8 years ago
No, they don't.
A.C.E. Bartboy8 years ago
ok. i did more research on the subject and found out a bit more. thanks
A.C.E.8 years ago
i just went to the link that luke put here and realized that the dsi has an sd slot... nintendo wouldnt be stupid enough to allow anything major to run from that though
conradev (author) 8 years ago
Yeah I heard of the Acekard 2, the first on the DSi. But The hackers of the wii, bushing and marcan, have a new wiki named DSiBrew. They plan of softmodding it, which means no hardware required.
luke8 years ago
you can get the DSi modchips / carts (so you can load hacks / homebrew)here Price: $18.70 free shipping

and you can get the consoles, the DSi's here for $248.36 free shipping