DVD Ripping/Converting Programs

Hey everybody, I have been trying to find a free program that will allow me to put a DVD into my computer and convert the '.VOB' files into '.avi' files. If anyone can help me out by showing me a program that will do this for me, then that would be awesome. If there is no converter for '.avi', then '.wmv' would be good too. Thanks, SC-Ghost

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Use DVDecrypter to rip the .VOB files, then use something like this-a google search for ".vob to .avi converter" yielded tons of hits for similar free products. Choose whichever you please.
try Super.
SC-Ghost (author)  gimmelotsarobots9 years ago
I decrypted the '.VOB' files and put them on my computer. Each file is about 1 gigabyte. I tried to convert the files to '.avi' and '.wmv' and 'mp4' and nothing is working. After about 194 megabytes, the file just stops converting. Anything you can think of to help me out? And thank you for the file converter link, I just can't figure out why it stops converting after a certain point.
That just kind of happens randomly. Super is the only converter I know of that can do that, but it is a little buggy. Sorry that slipped my mind. I usually don't have that problem. :s
Try Googleing .BOV to .AVI converter. A lot of stuff pops up, I just don't have the time to look through it. Sorry.
SC-Ghost (author)  gimmelotsarobots9 years ago
Thanks for all the help. You really got me a lot closer to what I'm going for.
Your welcome. Sorry about the Super problem.
=SMART=9 years ago
use a program called "Handbrake" its for mac and pc and is very easy to use but it also has lots of advanced customizable features if you need to use them :D i dont use it all the time...... that would be illegal................
NachoMahma9 years ago
. Try using Search. "DVD rip" turns up some useful stuff.