Daft Punk Table, DIY Hot Air Soldering Iron, The Best Mop in the World...

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Sept. 20, 2007
Welcome back!

We love Halloween so much that we just announced our
DIY Halloween 2007 Contest! We're looking forward to seeing all the gruesome entries, but until then, check out these cool projects.
How to Create a Lightfish
Install LEDs in plastic fish and set them free in water to see some magic happen. Fishing poles included.
posted by karlklar on Sep 18, 2007
How to build a Daft Punk Table Replica
Bring the disco action to your coffee table with this reproduction of a table that has disappeared from stores.
posted by mrgalleta on Sep 5, 2007
How to Make "The Best Mop in the World"
Build a mop to last forever with things found around the house.
posted by brendanconnal on Sep 16, 2007
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Color Picking 101: It's easier than you think
Learn to confidently choose colors for fabric, paint, tile, or any other material.
posted by antelucandaisy on Sep 18, 2007
How to make a round thing without a lathe (plus model making tips)
Get round and lovely compound curves into your model with simple tools.
posted by KaptinScarlet on Sep 13, 2007
Building an Electric Racing Car
A small team of school kids built and raced an electric racing car. This is how they did it.
posted by rickharris on Sep 16, 2007
25MM Pneumatic Sniper Rifle
Why use PVC pipe for plumbing when you can glue it together to form a sniper rifle with a scope that can shoot at over 300 fps?
posted by irwinner on Sep 9, 2007
Insanely Hot DIY Hot Air Soldering Iron @ 15 Volts DC and 3.5 amps
From the pieces of many electronics a new super soldering tool emerges.
posted by OzzyRoo on Sep 18, 2007
Retro DVD Player
Transform a beautiful old vintage radio into a slot-loading DVD player.
posted by alinke on Sep 20, 2007
How to make a vertical, ergonomic (tie-fighter) keyboard
Prevent soreness by keeping your hands in a neutral position while typing.
posted by ewilhelm on Sep 14, 2007

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