Damn you service pack three!

Well I finally gave in to the little pop-up box in the corner of the screen and installed Xp service pack three and it messed me about something shocking... A list of issues: - The quazi-vista theme I was running wet itself completely, now replaced with Zune theme - Firefox three got very upset and now has a mint theme because it had a bog standard theme that looked similar - The startup screen (login bit) and the login screen for password protection on knocking off screensaver is going mad, both do work but have some bizarre half breed theme on the go - The computer ticked and banged for ages - Multiple other weird ones - Oh startup programs decided to appear, suddenly I was inundated by FF, messenger, skype, media player and photoshop all opening on startup rather than just wireless G-utility... The odd three are on my taskbar list, some connection... Skype, I have no clue. Before the restart everything worked really oddly, I caught on that it was time because it refused me the ability to install programs and generally messed around. On the upside I hit a couple of sites and the combination of a less heavyweight theme and a ram optimiser majigger have got the computer running faster, now I'm just clawing back all my old settings. Slowly.

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bumpus9 years ago
I'm sorry for your loss Killer.. :D
killerjackalope (author)  bumpus9 years ago
No real loss, since posting I've done some fiddling, every thing's a bit squiffy but it works again, plus I've managed to cut memory usage down a lot with a few quick tricks... Then yanked my 3.5 inch bay cover off to cool the poor bugger down again, plus I'm planning on adding a card reader - with a fan behind it.
the fan will fill the slots of the card reader with dust
killerjackalope (author)  110100101109 years ago
I realized that, however I plan to mount a fan that'll be behind it pushing air past the other heatsinks, P4s make a lot of heat...
you have a DELL right ? try to flip the fan in the green air tunnel over the CPU so that it blows out the heat of the cpu and not into the computer change the fan in the power supply to more powerfull one maybe add a 3rd fan in the back wall so it blows out leave enough ventilation holes in the back wall to let air in larger fans are more efficient and more silent to avoid dust building up in drives etc seal the holes in the back and sides to make them air tight. then no air will enter thru the slot too
killerjackalope (author)  110100101109 years ago
I've already added a third back fan, dropped the HDD temp by 20C I have a different design where the CPU heatsink is directly cooled by the big ducted fan, it's the smaller processing chips behind it that are an issue, they're in the shadow of the big heatsink, I was thinking of mounting a fan on to the end of the heatsink to help cooling, it's not an issue for browsing/emailing word but at high CPU loads the whole thing heats up a lot.
see if the thermal stuff between CPU etc and the cooler is not dried change the existing fans to more powerfull ones temp of up to 50 - 60 C on cpu and 40 C the else is normal
killerjackalope (author)  110100101109 years ago
Well I had HDD temps going as high as 69C before, now everything's cooled down a lot after adding a single extra fan to the back grill, the problem seemed to be that the air was only being pushed halfway through the PC case so there was little coming out the back, now it's going at reasonable levels, that said I'm planning extra ram, graphics and possibly an extra harddrive to pull it up to speed, also I was considering a TV card, so I'd need extra fans to push air past the extra obstructions and to help make sure all those extra components stay cool because the case would be pretty cluttered after all that.
add a duct going from the lower nets on the back to under the place with the drives
OOoooOOooO Mr. Technical support? :D
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