Dangerman Casting

Discovery and Objective Productions UK are seeking a HOST with a strong science background (B.A. minimum) for DANGERMAN, a documentary-style reality series that replicates extraordinary stunts performed by daredevils, stuntmen and showmen and explains the scientific principles that make the most amazing feats possible.

So what do you say? Anyone in the mood for some DANGER!?!


Picture of Dangerman Casting
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ti1129 years ago
I prefer 'The Prisoner' and Rover
Kiteman9 years ago
I have just emailed them.


I said to my wife - "Do you mind if I present a science show in America?"

She said, "Mmmm, fine."

I'll explain it to her properly when she wakes up...
Does kite flying count as a dangerous sport?

If you do get it...convince them to film something in Orlando. And get me a VIP Pass =]

Good luck!
Single-line fighter kites kill quite a few people every year - you can ask Eric about the dangers of powerkites.
Patrik Kiteman9 years ago
Let us know if they need any character references! :-D
Kiteman Patrik9 years ago
Er... do you mind if I don't ;-)
Yessssss! It was my idea, so you have to thank me on-air if you're accepted! :-D
No, wait - you have to convince the studio to fly me out so I can come and watch the first filiming!
Kiteman Kiteman9 years ago
Reading your various comments regarding costume, I quite like the idea of a white leather labcoat with kevlar shoulderpads...
no capes. its a tripping hazard, a fire hazard, a strangling hazard and they get scuffed up a lot.
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