Dangerously Fun

Just found an interesting website I thought I'd share:


They've got a fairly small set of projects but they look pretty well done. From the About page:

"DangerouslyFun.com provides instructions for creating various physical devices, many of which are dangerous. This information is provided in recognition that dangerous things are sometimes really fun."

Amen brother!

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blue663 years ago


Kiteman blue663 years ago

Oh, thanks for posting that!

Plo Koon4 years ago
that link sent me to a casino gambling site
nodnol5 years ago
This was a cool website! Sadly, it's been suspended :(
NachoMahma8 years ago
. Very interesting. . But I can't figure out how a homopolar motor is dangerous. heehee
Oh, well you obviously haven't seen a homopolar motor in the hands of a trained assassin. That would explain it. I've lost too many good men to homopolar motors.
westfw Gjdj38 years ago
Today we are going to learn how to defend ourselves against an attacker armed with a homopolar motor...
Anyways...certainly a Bi-polar motor would be more dangerous LOL
And that cardboard stool...you definitely need adult supervision for that one.
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