DarkOwlKnex's Project Update Four

The days since I've posted my last forum topic feel like forever.  In that time, I've published four contest entries, gotten featured for a guide about K'nex, and have started a collaboration with nerfrocketeer.  Which reminds me: I have to send him that one picture, but that's besides the point.  I have two new and updated things I'd like to show you.  

First order of business, I'm building a TR8 turret pistol.  I know what you're thinking: DOK, are you seriously building another turret weapon?  Well, yes, I am, but this one's is special: it has a new trigger.  I've had this trigger concept bouncing in my head for a while.  It, again, uses The Racker's Trigger on his Racker Rifle as a part of the mechanism.  The other part of the mech is a simple, sliding piece that pushes into the Racker Trigger (I'm going to call it this from now on), pushing it upwards and freeing the pin.  One of the things that I love about it are the sights.  They look really cool in my opinion, and I think they are the best sights I have ever made.  At the moment, I'm going to call it Scorpio  because its looks remind me of a scorpion.  I realize that their is already a real life gun nicknamed Scorpion, so I'm going to call mine Scorpio.  And, obviously, I haven't mounted the turret yet, but I will do that later.

Second on the agenda, we have The Prophet V2.0.  It now has a slightly different turret and front end; it's enough to make it perform a lot better, although it functioned very nicely before.

That's pretty much it, but I'd really love to hear what you guys think about these projects: valid constructive criticism, tips, advice, and the like are greatly appreciated.  I'd love it if you guys would leave a comment, and thanks for viewing!

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All your plans sound pretty cool! And you have a cool new image! Is your new trigger sort of like a wedge concept, like something in a Nerf gun? I've seen two-three piece wedge style triggers in them (ie. Nerf Reflex, Maverick, Nite Finder) that have a trigger which pushes up the piece that holds the plunger (the name for the FP on a Nerf gun) in place. I thought that could be a good example... It sounds like you've been busy lately ;) and good luck on your next two guns!
Thanks! To explain the trigger, go to The Racker Rifle and figure out how that trigger works. Then, think of a sliding piece pushing into the Racker Trigger. It's simply just a new, innovative sliding trigger design.

And just after I uploaded my new profile picture (which I'm glad you like :D), I realized something: the initials for DarkOwlKnex (DOK) are the initials for the Knight of Doom backwards (KOD). Funny how that works.

Also, I've thought out a new, sort of pointless, but innovative, different way of making a TR8. I'll upload it eventually and mount it on this gun. I hope it works. :3
Ok ill take a look.

Thats actually kind of creepy... Could also stand for kall of duty... :3

Sounds good! Good luck with it!
Thanks. I actually attempted to build the concept TR8, failed, and built the regular one. It works really nicely. I love this pistol.
Oh. Ok. :(:
Is that a happy-sad face? :3
Actually its a sad-happy face.
A happy-sad face is like this :):

('.'). <- haha random rabbit...! I was experimenting on this comment...
Darn, so close...
   ,   ,
  (- -)
   I  I

It is supposed to be an owl. :3
    ^ ^
 (O O )
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