DarkOwlKnex's Project Update Six; Review of The Racker Rifle

It's been a while since I've made a forum topic, but here it is: an overview of what I've been doing lately.

First order of business, I've built a pistol with a sliding trigger.  It works very well: the sliding trigger has never failed, and it gets pretty good ranges for a single shot.  The only problem: I am using terrible bands, which I'm sure is limiting the power, unfortunately.

Some of its features:
It has a bullet lock.
It gets great ranges.
It has a sliding trigger.
It has a comfortable handle.
It isn't a turret pistol :P

For the second order of business, I have built TheRacker's Racker Rifle with the new trigger shown here.  I modified it a little, but a lot of things remain unchanged.  I have decided to review it.

I. Design Elements
Trigger: 10/10:  The best element of the gun.  It functions flawlessly and was my main reason for building it in the first place.

Barrel: 8/10:  The main part of the barrel was fine, but the place where the turret was supposed to catch on was a bit iffy, as the y-rod that it was supposed to catch on could fall off easily and turn a little bit.

Stock: 7/10: It was a bit flimsy, but it was aesthetically pleasing in terms of piece usage.

Pin guide: 3/10: Here's the worst part about it.  I know I don't have the original pin guide in the picture, but there's a good reason for that: after one #64 size rubber band, the pin guide simply would not work.  It bent and moved and wasn't secured to the barrel in any way, causing quite a problem.  I took it off and modified the barrel, but when the picture was taken, I was experimenting with an alternate pin guide.

Handle: 8/10 The original handle was a bit simplistic, but seems, from appearance, to be very comfortable.  I modified mine quite a bit.

Turret: 0/0: As it isn't TheRacker's design, and it is the basis for all turret guns, it's pointless to rate it.

II. Functional Elements:
Aesthetics: 10/10:  It is a very aesthetically pleasing rifle, and there's not much more you can ask for.

Innovation: 9/10: The trigger is new and that's much more innovative than a lot of other guns that have been posted.

Piece Consumption: 10/10: TheRacker Rifle was built with piece consumption in mind.  It is definitely worth a build if you don't have a lot of pieces, but you want a nice rifle.

Power: 9/10: For a pin rifle, it was quite powerful.  It can always be better, though.

Durability: 7/10: Everything is very sturdy, except for the stock.  If dropped on the ground, not many things would break.

Overall rating: 81/100 = (Approximately) **** / ***** (Four out of five stars.)

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what pistol is that?
A pistol I built with a sliding trigger.
oh, no name? (non-posted I assume)
Oh my goodness... I forgot. I did give it a name: Metal. Named it after a song, of course. :P (This is best on headphones; it seriously makes a difference)  I'll eventually put the name in the description.  Sorry about that.
Oh ok interesting that most of your guns are named after song is there any particular reason why?
I like music, I guess, and I feel that some song titles that I listen to have clever titles that sort of fit with the gun. For example, I named my simple ratchet trigger turret rifle Bijou, a song, but it had another purpose: the rifle, like the definition of the word Bijou, means small and elegant.

I called this one metal, because it easily looks like it could be a real gun frame. Also, Gary Numan is cool. I'm a Numanite as of like an hour ago. (A Numanite is a fan of Gary Numan.) :P
Makes since I guess cool BTW I'm redoing my scar since I just remembered how I did the fake barrel
Ooh. I can't wait to see that. :P

Sorry, dude, but....


(I just can't help myself; that would've driven me crazy if I hadn't corrected that.)
No ummm there are two types of since (sense and since) since I was late I had to stay after class. Is one example. Common sense is another.
I though you were trying to say makes sense, but you said makes since. I am confused. What were you trying to say?
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