DarkOwlKnex's Project Update Three

I've been doing a lot of stuff the past week.  I have to memorize songs for band, do summer homework, yada, yada, yada.  But, as always, I've found time for K'nex, and this is what I've come up with.  If there's enough interest in any combination of these, I'll post accordingly.

The first picture is of the 'collaboration project' I had with Dr. Richtofen.  X3  It really wasn't a collaboration...  It was really me looking back through Dr. Richtofen's many successful attempts at a non-shooting Walther PPK and trying to make them shoot.  When I was finished building, I realized something: there was no firing pin for the gun that would make sense; the red rod was too short (it didn't reach the end of the barrel) and the black rod was too long (it stuck out the end).  I could've used a red rod firing pin and jammed the bullets down the barrel, (it was a singleshot) but I thought better of it.  I'd say at least 50% credit goes to Dr. Richtofen for that project. 

The second picture is just a random little pistol I made out of boredom after scrapping the PPK.  it was cute and compact, but the next day, after I woke up at three in the morning because I couldn't sleep, I had a revelation...  

What if I used the type of trigger off of The Racker Rifle (link below) on a mag in the handle gun, and positioned it just perfectly as to have the trigger block behind the handle.  I'd then give it removable magazines like on Blue Mullet's K'nex Handle Removable Pistol (link below).  The last three pictures are the result of about an hours work so far; I may update again soon. (Oh, and the Elvis mouse pad is my Dads, not mine; my Dad's a big fan, obviously.)

The Racker's The Racker Rifle: https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Racker-Rifle/
Blue Mullet's K'nex Handle Removable Pistol: https://www.instructables.com/community/Knex-Handle-removable-magazine-pistol/

Thanks for viewing!

UPDATE:  The big pistol thing is now named George, and I have pictures of it completed structurally, and internally.  It is now in Pre-Beta.
UPDATE/NOTE: The internals you see in the last picture won't work, sadly.  I've updated it so that it now functions.

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DarkOwlProductions (author) 4 years ago
Thanks! Sadly, there was no firing pin that would make sense for it: red was too small and grey was too big. I feel like we ask each other this question a lot, but do you have any upcoming projects? :3
You have a Mac lol but as well as the dunkis said you should add a slide or let one of us add a slide hmmmmm I might make one hmmmmm,
Ok, I'll totally let you add a slide. I'm going to work on it now, and I'll get a final version. Once you add the slide, you can show me how you did it, and I'll make an instructable giving you half credit and a link to your profile. Dealio? I might try to make a slide myself first, though.
sure i'll build one but give me a day or two
Wait a second... Before you build anything...

I've finished it, (pretty much; I just need to put bands on it and make the removable magazine) slide and all. Unless you want to edit it a bit for the lulz before I post it, don't bother. Oh, and one last thing: I've completely redone the pistol, so you really can't build from the pictures, as I have tested the one in the picture and it doesn't work, sadly. Pictures will be posted in a few minutes.
oh.... oh well hadn't even started but I might give it a go anyways
Well, again, building off the internals here won't work... I'm trying to get pictures of the new updated pistol with a slide, but my camera's not working, unfortunately.
With that in mind, knock yourself out! :3
will a frying pan work ok? XD ill make my own if I have to
:3 I would got with an anvil if I were you, but... Y'know that's just me. Go knock yourself out. Go start some sick fires!!! :3
XD that's funny but yeah a little delay today because of a meeting but- I might just build it.
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