DarkOwlKnex's Project Update Two

As my profile status has said for a while now: I've been working on a TR8 and I might post a forum topic about it.  This is the forum topic about it.  It's amazing how often I've been on lately, but don't expect that in the future.  I sort of don't have anything else to do with my time other than going to the library, taking walks (It's nice out where I'm at) and a few other things, but the bulk of my time, for the week, has been spent here.  Stuff I have to do will keep popping up from here on out.           

I call this custom  TR8 of mine The AutoSuggestion.  Why?  Because it's the name of this one song that I like.  I realize that I should send a link to the song, but I figure since you guys won't like it anyway, what's the point.  (I have a weird taste in music)

It Features:
A comfortable stock.
A comfortable handle.  
A comfortable fore grip.
Innovative new TR body design.

I can't really say anything else about it until I'm finished; once I finish, I can you tell about the range, and other things.  I'm going to have to make many cosmetic changes before I upload it to the Rods and Connectors contest.  (Thanks, JonnyBGood for alerting me of this contest)  Any helpful suggestions as to what I can do to improve it would be much appreciated.  Thanks for viewing!

Update: I finished the rough draft; the pictures will now show the latest version; it is now on the official prototype phase.  I'm probably just going to tinker with it excessively until it's perfect for the Rods & Connectors Contest.

Update: Made it fire; gets decent range so far.  Installed turret rotating system; it requires bands, but is very easy to use. 

Update: Cleaned up stock and barrel area.  I also made a completely new handle.

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I would say that it looks alright, but it does (as everybody else has said) need to be cleaned up. I am not a big fan of TR guns, they are overrated, and not that good, but this is alright.
Overrated? The advantages are simple load my new TR8 with fin ammo and shoot 300ft repeatedly. They have been threw 3 or more major wars so they have been battle tested so to say. The reason they may seem overrated is because they have potential to be pretty unstoppable especially at range. I'm not say all TR's are good because they aren't but my TR8 is 4yrs+, and 3 major wars proven.
Not looking for a fight just trying to defend my honor :P
photo 5.JPGphoto 3.JPG
*Wink* Yes, overrated. Do not label me as a "Doubting Thomas," but I would need to see a TR gun shoot 300 ft. before I believe it. I had a breach loading gun some time back, and that shot only 60-70 ft., and that right there really diminished my belief in singling out bullets. I am glad your TR8 serves you well, and I must say, it looks pretty boss, but I really have not much of a desire to build one. I would bet you that my RMACR shoots faster than your TR8, and keep in mind, its a mag gun. Speed is almost everything in a K'NEX war. I did not say it was everything, but it is almost everything. I must admit, your TR8 would easily out-preform my RMACR, but then again, my RMACR has a higher mag capacity, and a faster ROF. I know you were not looking for a fight, and I respect you for that. =D
Thank you for your response I'll have to check out your gun! As for the 300ft mark I do realize that this feat does seem kinda out there lol I would have probably agreed with you myself had I not seen it done with my own eyes. However it is true and more than that it is consistently repeatable with 6 size 64 rubberbands on my TR8 it will shoot my fin ammo 300ft. Just ask any of the following guys that have witnessed it. Mepain, Oodalumps, Zakrants, Bakenbitz94, knex_pls, and many more. I have some videos on youtube if you wanna check then out my youtube account name is KILLERK lol check it out
Killerk and Red, this is hilarious!!! If you want me to I can change the title of this forum topic to: "The Ultimate Debate: Turret Rifles Vs. Magazine Loaded K'nex Guns." I'm not even kidding! It'd actually be kind of awesome to see you two go at it.
It is not really a "debate" and, technically, we are just spending time agreeing with one another. XD
I guess so, but it'd be kind of fun to see this turn into an argument between all the k'nexers. It's almost a classic rivalry: TR's Vs. Mags. :3

(I realize I overuse :3's a lot, but I think they're awesome.) :3
I would say that comparing mag guns and TR guns is like comparing apples and oranges. Both are a fruit, and both are edible, but they are not alike. Both are a K'NEX gun, both shoot, but they are not alike. It is arguable that you could compare the pros and cons of each and see which has more or less, and then you could decide which was better, but you would need a panel of independent scientists. =D
No problem. I like to make sure that I respond to people, when they take the time to respond to me.

I am not saying that it is impossible that a TR gun got 300 ft., I am just saying that it kinda sounds...well... far fetched. I did not know that any of the other people you named were still around.

Thanks for your YouTube account name, I'll be sure to check it out. =D
They are on knex innovation from time to time and we were planning on having a war this summer in Ohio would love to have you out if you wanted to come hang out!
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