Daylight Savings Time

Don't forget everyone, daylight savings time starts tonight so be sure to "Spring Back" your clocks 1 hour at 2am tonight. And additionally because last year was a leap year when your clock reaches 2am for a second time, spring back an additional hour. If you live in the southern hemisphere the directions should be reversed ie. spring back 2 hours at 1 am. Europeons, please substitute 100 minutes for one hour to account for the metric conversion.

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LinuxH4x0r8 years ago
Ugh, stupid government. Now everything changes at the wrong time.
Before you know it, The goverment will make all workers and schoolers start at 2:00 am. till 12:00 a, for a 00:30 to 1:00 hour sleeping time.I hope they don't read this and get ideas...
Doctor What8 years ago
Just realizes that he set his clocks back last night instead of forward.
Roflol! But I wonder if someone will actually take this advice... D:
I sure was hungry around breakfast time. And tired...

you mean this was a....scam?
n8man8 years ago
Uhh, I thought it was spring forward, fall back. My Wii automatically sprung forward so I believe you may have it mixed up. If there was supposed to be any joke before the Metric conversion part, I must have missed it.
Tool Using Animal (author)  n8man8 years ago
Your Wii was made in Japan, that explains the discrepancy.
it is spring forward...
. pssst. It's humo(u)r. If the thing about the Southern Hemisphere didn't tip you off, the metric deal should have.
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