Dead Lawn--Fix Ph under evergreen trees.

Coniferous trees (pines, etc) acidify soil under em. Lawn doesn't cope wit this too well.

Dump your old boxes of baking soda from freezer/fridge under pine tree. It works. Grass grows better.

I'd do an -ible, but didn't bother to take pics. If you try it, maybe take before + after pics and post an -ible.

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Toga_Dan (author) 2 years ago
Concrete (made of limestone) is also a base. On occassion, i've had a bag that was old, I suspected it might have gotten damp. I've therefore dumped it in the compost. Compost gets acidic if not aerated properly.
lemonie2 years ago
Yes, Wood ash is alkaline and it counts as natural and sustainable.

: )

lemonie3 years ago
How about burning dead bits of tree (like pine-needles) to wood-ash and using that?

Toga_Dan (author)  lemonie2 years ago
Good idea. That should work. Wood ash is alkaline. Good place to empty the charcoal grill + fireplace ashes. (just make sure they're cold!!!)
Toga_Dan (author) 3 years ago
It's been too long since I took Chem. That should be pH, not Ph. Doh!