Deadliest K'nexer?

Well this was just a quick question I had. And yes, if you were wondering, I was watching Deadliest Warrior and it inspired me to ask this.
If each K'nexer chose their best 3 weapons from their entire span of building, who would win a free for all war?
For example, Killerk takes in his Pistol, TR, and SR. (I can already see you guys jumping to conclusions now...) Examining each gun, who would win overall in CQC, mid range, and long range field conditions?
I'm not saying that they can only use one gun depending on range. They can use all three guns but they'd be playing 3 times, once on each different sized field.

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TheChemiker7 years ago
I just realized that the tr-18 is out of the question because it was a collaboration between bakenbitz and killerk.  So that means that no knexer would be able to use it in a war with only weapons they made.
It wasn't really a collab.  It was just Killerk building a TR, then Mepain modding the turret, then bitz modding it, then Killerk modded it further.
sort of an onofficial collab.  My point is that no one person made it.  Are you on kichat right now?
I think that would mean that more than 1 person would be able to use it.   And no, I'm not.
someone was impersonating you then
I wouldn't put it past them... Let it the f**k go.
TheDunkis (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
I don't think so. Where is the line between modding and building the same with a few changes? Could I just change one little part on a BR and call it my own so that I could use it? I think it should be the original creator's weapon and only the versions made by them.
then who gets it?  bitz or killerk?
Bitz put an 18 and 36 shot turret on the BR, and he made his own 36 shot version of it, so he should use that and Killerk uses a normal 18 one.
rec0n7 years ago
I'd use my MagBow for long and mid range, and my shotgun pistol for cqc.
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