Deadline Question from a Person Who Never Pays Attention To Deadlines

Hey instructables community, I just had a question that Im pretty sure I know the answer too, but since I thought of my contest idea 4 1\2 days in advance (of course), Every day of building and counts. Anyway, enough babbling, on to my very simple question - With the Gorilla Glue Contest, the deadline in August 30th. This does mean you can still enter on August 30th, correct? I was pretty sure of this, but since Im investing all my spare time for the next 2 days into it, I didnt wanna rush through and then be like "Awww..." . So anywho, if somebody could clear that up for me, it'd be appriciated. Thanks! -xD

! xD ! (author) 8 years ago
You mean 11:59.999 PM on the day quoted? Because if it was midnight that would be bad, because the contest would end on the first second of August 30th. I think Im just being to litteral, I think I know what you mean. xD Thank ye sir for your help. Now it's back into the cardboard clutter garage of frantic working for me. -xD
Kiteman8 years ago
The actual can't-cross-this-line dealines are usually midnight on the day quoted, based on Instructables time. So, "yes". (Of course, if you live in a different time zone, you can end up with hours to spare.)