Death Star

I was thinking, what do you guys think about a instructable in how to build a Death Star out of household/everyday objects? FOR GUITAR LOVERS CHECK OUT MY GROUP GUITAR TIPS

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ry259206 years ago
 Hmmm, maybe use cardboard and glue to build the frame and paper for the skin, seran wrap to make it air tight, the use a ton of rubber bands and a big paper clip t act as the main guns... To build tie fighters, just attach a candle to the back of a card board box.... It'll be more armour then the originals..... :P
nfk116 years ago
the old death star is better than the episode 6 one.
beado4ever8 years ago
First you'd have to find a way of locating your shipyard in outer space then you'd need a heck of a lot of household items to construct something the size of a small moon....... Sorry atempt at humour but its 1.34am here and i've got to be up for work in 5 hours!!!!!
Wario (author)  beado4ever8 years ago
Rye Wario8 years ago
I prefer rofl
Aeshir Rye8 years ago
what? fjnsuail..... that what that looks like to me god damn does it take so damn long to write it out? texting aka lazy writers
It sounds funny. Not lazy writing. YOURS is lazy writing.
Wario (author)  Rye8 years ago
Rye Wario8 years ago
LMAO? Never heard that one.
Go to bed. Now.
slimguy3797 years ago
I saw a guy that built a sub woofer death star, Google it he has tons of pictures posted. I saw it even on sale on eBay, it was presented on G4, on attack of the show I would love a IN DEPTH tutorial on how to do it.