December beard-off!

January 2012
Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun and shared their real and faux beards in the comments below! It was fun to see all the different variations and everyone who posted will be sent out a pack of Sugru! Here's the results of our in-house beard-off:

frenzy went for the Deron Williams fade
kazmataz had the classic milk-moustache 
mikeasaurus and StumpChunkman did mirrored MonkeyTail's 
lamedust went all out with the technicolour rainbow

Way to go everyone!

December, 2011
November saw many men grow moustaches in support of prostate cancer awareness. For December a few of us at the lab are going to keep the facial fur tradition alive and attempt a beard-off!

For the next few weeks we're tossing out the razors and documenting the madness! After, we'll sculpt them into weird designs and then post the results and let you decide who you think has the best/worst beard. This beard-off isn't just for the gentlemen either, the ladies of Instructables have also volunteered to participate with faux beards, knitted beards, or anything else!

We're starting with how we look now, then updating later in the month with how our beards are progressing, then how they look sculpted in a ridiculous way.
Here are the Instructables staff participating:
Participant  |
Start (December-Beginning)
|   Beardy  (December-End)   |
   Sculpted (January 2012)    

Members can join in the fun by posting pictures of their crazy beards in the comments below. Every member who posts a picture of their beard (real or fake) will be sent out a single Sugru pack and an Instructables sticker! Hurry, these things are itchy and are going to be shaved by January 2012!

Picture of December beard-off!
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BLUEBLOBS25 years ago
Where I'm from, we call it Decembeard. Weird name, right?
demon_dog6 years ago
I totally wish I would of known about this. I have been pretty proud of the first beard I am growing this year.... Well maybe I can join the festivities in 2012
bmelton16 years ago
some challengers appear:
Photo on 12-31-11 at 10.36 PM #2.jpg
almost ready for sculpting... fun fun!
Photo on 2011-12-27 at 22.46.jpg
Nice gauges!
thanks! I make them from various woods, burn the designs, and finish them with all natural ingredients.. you can't see it in this pic, but these have a couple small copper bands around them as well, and they are tapers about 2" long..
That's awesome! I've been thinking about doing this myself but haven't tried it yet. My plugs are only #2 gauge so the small size of the work intimidates me a little.
I've made them as small as 8's, but I don't recommend that.. too small.. the diameters are really tricky to get right at that size..
you should sell those...people would pay!
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