Dedicated cable release cord for iPhone camera

How could I make a dedicated cable release cord for the iPhone? 
I have looked and looked for this end product - but cannot find it anywhere...

Knowing that we can use the volume up button on headphones for the iPhone/Touch to snap pictures, how could we make a cord that is dedicated to this function (instead of using earbutds).  I am wanting to use this feature to help with making stop motion movies.  Using the earbud control is useful. 

But I'd really like to have a cord a bit longer than the standard earbud cord lenth.  And also would be nice if the cord could have a very easy to press buton.  Clicking on the headphone volume control can be sort of akward sometimes.  Perhaps we could take some old earbuds and cut off the earbuds and do something with the remaining wires and make a some sort of switch with the remainder.

Any thoughts? 

I am pretty sure that I could waste an amazing amount of time and figure out via trial and error - but thought it might be better to ask for some quick direction!

I believe that the more recent models of iPhone/Touch use a TRRS plug as described on this page:

Any thoughts  - THANK YOU  VERY MUCH!

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Tater Zoid3 years ago
jginfo5 years ago
can you simply cut off the wires leading to the headphones after the switch and use the switch and wire? I am willing to cut up the set if that will work. Anyone tried that?
Daremo5 years ago
I'm here, looking to do the same task. Anyone have any luck at all with this? I searched through HackADay for that hack and came up empty. Any chance you have a link, or could it have been somewhere else?

The small board on the inside of the control switch is so tiny, it's going to be quite the tsp soldering anything to it.
ElvenChild5 years ago
I had a pair of busted Apple earbuds (left speaker wire snapped) so I decided to try this out with what I had on hand... Duct Tape K'nex and the earbuds. I present the Push-button-inator-thingy.

bobzjr (author)  ElvenChild5 years ago
Elvenchild - nicely done. Am I correct that you were essentially making a more convenient button which is mechanically connected to the up volume button on your old apple earbuds? Thanks for posting video - like the music too.
muji5 years ago
I am looking for a solution like this too. My main purpose is a button to snap pictures. I want to build a button emulating the + remote button on a long cable serving as a stutter release.

Please update when you have found something useable.
If you're considering a Bluetooth approach, this document might help you if you want to build something yourself:
possum, Thanks for the link - that might be really useful. I just got a bluetooth headset to mess around with - I'll see how that goes. Also the Design Guidelines book may give some good insights for custom build.
bobzjr (author) 5 years ago
I'm probably just wasting a bunch of energy trying to do this - but I think I may learn something trying to conquer it!

Alternative to making this work... I have seen several accounts of people successfully using a bluetooth headset volume control to fire the camera. I'll try this one with one of my kids headsets.

Also Belkin appears to be making a bluetooth device that is specifically for iPhone camera control.   It's Called Belkin LiveAction Camera Remote.  Looks like you can get one for about  $40 shipped .  See:
bobzjr (author) 5 years ago
Here's what I'm hoping to do....
iPhone shutter release sketch.jpg
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