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This topic will be a place to post all those deep questions you sometimes ask, and might get answers. Here's one I've been thinking about: (which no longer needs answering) Space. It's black, right? Why? If there is nothing for color to reflect off of, shouldn't space be void of any color?

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Goodhart10 years ago
Since we seem to be having a bit of fun with math, lets think about this one: Are all infinite sets equal in number? If not, why not, of so, can you prove it?
If you have an infinite amount of infinity, how long will it take before it runs out?
It would depend on the nature of the infinity: is a a straight line infinity or is it one that loops back on itself? ;-)
Ah, but what if you have one of each?

If you have a loop of infinity (which I'll assume is a circle, C), and diameter d of circle C, which equals infinity, then does the circumference of C equal infinity, or (infinity x Pi)?
A circle is an infinate loop, in one demension only, a mobius strip, shows a single dimensioned loop, in two.
A Klein Bottle has no "distinct" inner or outer surfaces.....
*drooling* ... Did that answer my question? I'm lost. And that Klein Bottle is weird, you should look up a totus, I think it's called. It's like a 4-dimensional cheerio.
Hmmm, a Totus ?

Maybe you meant a Torus?

A tesseract... is enough for me to wrap my head around for the moment.....Also can be illustrated like these:

PKM Goodhart9 years ago
If you enjoy having your head bent by thinking about tesseracts, I quite like this classic sci-fi-ish short story: ...And He Built A Crooked House

A guy builds a house in the shape of the 3D net of a tesseract, then.. some weird stuff happens :)
Goodhart PKM9 years ago
Yes, I recently read that. Thanks.
Ahhhh!!! Not the tesseract!!!!
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