Deleting a Draft

Ok, how do you delete a draft in the new editor? 

Kiteman8 months ago

There's a drop-down menu at the top-left of the editing page, from a button that looks like a list.

When you hit it, you will get a list of the steps you have written, plus an option to delete the project.

sunshiine Kiteman3 months ago
Thanks Mr. K! Hope your day shines!
sunshiine Kiteman3 months ago

I did this and got a message Are you sure you want to delete this instructable ? It should say are you sure you want to delete this step. I have 2 steps that I wish to delete and ca figure out how to do this. Thanks.

Kiteman sunshiine3 months ago

If you go to the list page, hover over the right side of the step, and a delete button should appear.

JM1999 sunshiine3 months ago

When you hover your mouse over the step you want to delete a little "X" will appear on the right hand side of that step, click it and it will delete the step.

Brooklyntonia (author)  Kiteman8 months ago

Thank you!