Deleting instructables... have you done it? Why?

I was considering getting rid of a few of mine. There are some that I'm not happy with - the workmanship is not the best, or they're basically pointless, really. I'd like to re-do one of them.

Have you ever gotten rid of an instructable?

I've scrapped ones that I was editing before, but deleting published ones seems almost... wrong.

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Umm... I decided the safety disclaimer on a DIY lathe ible I had wasn't going to cut it. It sort up in my face....literally.
Plasmana7 years ago
I deleted 2 'ibles that was rated below 3 and had less than 1k views, I did not think they was any point leaving it up, so I deleted to make more space for instructables. :)
KnexFreek7 years ago
 Yes. Every slideshow that i have posted. I make slideshows for knex stuff, then i later make an instructable for it. then i delete the slideshow. This is because of comments, i get WAYYYYY too many comments a day.
DJ Radio8 years ago
Ive deleted about 5 or 6 instructables and slideshows, and pseudo deleted 1, because it was entered in a contest. Reason- they all sucked. Ive had no remorse for doing so.
Spec 9.
It's the same quality as the rest of your guns...
What the hell do you have against my guns? Or are you saying that it was just as good as my other guns?
I'm saying that it is equal quality to your other guns, so saying it's lame is the same as saying your other guns are lame.
Well its not equal. Its worse if anything. I made it when I was new at knex and didn't have a lot of parts, so it had a wire stock and flimsy barrel. It was probably my second worst posted knex creation. That is why I removed it.
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