Demagnetize Leatherman

I have a Leatherman Squirt P4. Recently, the Leatherman became magnetized somehow. What's the best way to demagnetize it?

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BOOM56016 years ago
Throw it hard against a wall, over and over, and smash it with a hammer, your choice.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. An AC coil and a rheostat. Start out at full power and slowly turn it down. This will randomize the magnetic fields.
Bran8 years ago
You could expose it to extreme heat.
LinuxH4x0r Bran8 years ago
That would lose its temper. I've seen magnetizing blocks that also have a demagnetizer.

Duh, now I remember. Leatherman has a 25 year warranty. Go get a new one (anywhere that sells them does this)