Demon Shadow-Windmill Shuriken

Hmm.... I have seen all these shurikens on Instructables, but none of them have pleased me. I think it would be cool if someone made the windmill shuriken....

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Goodhart9 years ago
This one <link> is not too bad. I own a hand made set that are a bit heavier, but it would be beyond the scope of my "home shop" to recreate them.
I didn't know you're into ninjas...... or Naruto for that matter...
Oh. about 30 years ago (in my early 20's) I had gathered some weaponry (a nunchuck, which I no longer have; a set of Shaken; a set of throwing knives ( which looked a lot like these, but were much cheaper in grade and price; a homemade hand fashioned Bo, not unlike the manufactured one I picture here (pic taken from online since I no longer have my bo, either); and a (completely off the subject) a 1909 Argentine Bayonet (in its scabbard) with a leather frog (fairly worn), the blade's length being 15 1/2 in; and in the category of "things lost", a hand forged Broad sword (beat out of a pickup truck's leaf spring my me at the small forge I had at the time).

I was young once too :-) Naruto was not around at the time, but there was Kung Fu (the tv series), and other sources of similar stimulation ;-)
Ngeh, you're cooler than I thought. And you're already very cool to start with.
If I remember, I will take a few pics of my Shaken (they are not impressive at all), and the throwing knives (even LESS impressive) LOL
Do post them.
Here you go.....sorry the dragon is not very visible on the Shaken....and the last two pics are from a belt knife pair I have.
Shaken.jpgup close.jpgThrowing Knives in sheath.jpgThrowing knives out of sheath.jpgBelt Knives in sheath.jpgBelt Knives with  sheath.jpg
it looks like blood on the last ones..... O_O Goodharts an assasin!
Rust, from disuse're not an assasin? :(
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