Dentist radiation chart

Living in a rock or brick house exposes you to 700 times the radiation as eating a single yellow banana !
A BBC chart shows a banana as 0.1 radiation units and rock/brick homes as 70 radiation units and
flying a trans continental aircraft is much worse in exposing you to radiation...

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Jack A Lopez5 months ago

You know, eating a single banana per day, for a year, exposes you to 365 times the radiation of eating a single banana.

iceng (author)  Jack A Lopez5 months ago

Regrettably we all need more then trace amounts of Potassium for our nervous system to function... A simple blood test can be used to determine the content of potassium in your body... But does not break down the three isotopes of potassium, of which 40K is radioactive. Traces of 40K are found in all potassium, and it is the most common radioisotope in the human body

Also banana groves down wind of Chernobyl may upset this ratio !

Occasionally I see, or hear, these stories about how human health could be improved, if only there were an inexpensive way to make potassium, with just the stable isotopes, of mass 39 and 41. I guess it could be called, "depleted potassium", meaning depleted of the mass 40 isotope.

The other day, when I was trying to answer the latest water-electrolysis question in the Answers forum, I was looking at some of Cody Reeder's Youtube videos(i.e. Cody's Lab Youtube channel), and one of the videos I noticed was him making some noises about, "depleted potassium", here,

iceng (author)  Jack A Lopez5 months ago

Cool set of vids.. Never realized how gamma 40K decay could be that high.

Of course they don't really explain how to deplete potassium..

Maybe we could find a use for all those New confiscated centrifuges the USgov has stock piled in the warehouse right next to the "Arch_of_the_Covenant" box..

what about 2016? you would be exposed to 366 times the radiation!

Yeah. Leap years. I guess they're a little longer than regular years.

Or 365 and a 1/4. Depends how you look at it :)

(note: I might have a mistake in my calculations due to tjhe fact that I don't like bananas)

iceng (author)  Yonatan245 months ago

I hope you like another food item like sweet potato which is rich in the K your body needs..

Yonatan24 iceng5 months ago


iceng (author)  bravoechonovember15 months ago

Do not forget that our kidneys eliminate excess potassium through urine; some is eliminated in sweating. This places an upper bound on banananical radiation !

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