Designer RatWear

A neat, rather disturbing bit of rat-based faux-designer wear:

A project by Kristofer Paetau, Rio de Janeiro, 2007

5 pieces of fake Chanel fashion accessories made out of taxidermised rats:
a rat-bra, a rat-slip, a rat-handbag, a rat-handkerchief and a pair of high heel rat-shoes.

Note that the webpage is decidedly NOT work-safe, or suitable for those underage. This picture tells the story pretty well on its own.

Picture of Designer RatWear
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lala19898 years ago
FrenchCrawler10 years ago
For the first time.... I'm speechless... As trebuchet said: It's funny yet somewhat disturbing...
LinuxH4x0r10 years ago
Bran10 years ago
Disturbing? Even for you?!? But yeah, that is pretty, strange.
KentsOkay10 years ago
I really don't think I want my head in the same position as that rat's... I'm sorry but, would anyone actually wear this stuff (other than can'trememberthedudesnamesNeadthallgirlfriend)?
Patrik10 years ago
Oh man, that thong is hilarious!
Goodhart10 years ago
Looks like that might anger either Willard or "Ben" LOL
trebuchet0310 years ago
Hilariously disturbing.... The placement of rat heads is just impeccable - that photo doesn't give the same impact. It's probably better that way though o.0