Desktops Of July

Right, This month it is my turn to host the monthly desktop thread started by gmjhowe. My my July has come round so fast and so much has happened in this time.

What are you all waiting for, Get printscreening and show off your desktop. Don't be shy!

To take a picture of your desktop on a windows machine use the printscreen key on your keyboard, Open up paint, Edit, Paste and then save this as a png. then upload this onto Instructables.

To take a screenshot on a mac use the apple key, Shift and 3. This will save the picture to your desktop then you can upload it to Instructables.

To take a screenshot in Linux go to Applications>Accessories>Take screenshot. If this doesn't work blame Lithium Rain ;-)

Right for mine on my EeePC this month I'm using the Striped VS Visual Style from lassekongo83.

The wallpaper I'm using was sent to me from a user on Assembler Forums so I'll upload that below, It is of vomiting fruit, I love really random wallpapers like that. It matches my random personalty.

The icon set is Dark Theme for IconTweaker which is a free program to change your icons.

What are you all waiting for, Get them on here and if you haven't changed it from last month change it now!

Update: Nice desktops everyone, Keep 'em coming!

Picture of Desktops Of July
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Bigev7 years ago
Oops, almost missed it.
Joe Martin (author)  Bigev7 years ago
Very nice and clean!
Derin7 years ago
Instructables background. On a side note,that screenshot is of Vista!!!!!!!! You shall wipe it and install XP.
Joe Martin (author)  Derin7 years ago
Which screenshot?
Joe Martin (author) 7 years ago
Epic bump!
Kryptonite7 years ago
Me? Moody? Never!!!
Z1ggy7 years ago
heres mine.
whatsisface7 years ago
Joe Martin (author)  whatsisface7 years ago
Oh, Very nice. Quite spooky as well, Reminds me of something but I can't put my finger on it!
Watchmen possibly? That's where it's from...
ItsTheHobbs7 years ago
Here's mine.
Joe Martin (author)  ItsTheHobbs7 years ago
That looks amazing! I love all the lines.
Goodhart7 years ago
I decided I needed something fresher so in honor of one who has passed recently, I changed mine to:

Joe Martin (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
Ah, Very nice.
now, if I could find that photo in color..... ;-)
I went with a woman this month also, just couldn't resist this pic of Shirley Manson.
dombeef7 years ago
Here is mine
Joe Martin (author)  dombeef7 years ago
How original lol
Yeah lol
DJ Radio7 years ago
ok, here is my desktop.
Joe Martin (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
Good to see you changed it from last month!
I will change it next month too.
Joe Martin (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
Good, Try to move away from the default vista wallpapers!
ll.137 years ago
This is a great reminder to change, but I'll do that tomorrow. good night :)
Joe Martin (author)  ll.137 years ago
Sunbanks7 years ago
This is the one I'm using today. I still change it daily :P
Joe Martin (author)  Sunbanks7 years ago
Very summery
Gjdj37 years ago
Here's mine. I stole the image, then made it my own.
Joe Martin (author)  Gjdj37 years ago
I love it, That's another one I've saved!
Atomman7 years ago
My Vista on PC Desktop...
ScreenHunter_10 Jul. 11 10.44.gif
Joe Martin (author)  Atomman7 years ago
Nice XP ;)

You can't fool me! =D
Chicken22097 years ago
+1 for keeping topic going
+1 for posting a screen cap
+1 for posting original file
+1 for citing source
+1 for intro
5* topic!
my wall to come later*
Joe Martin (author)  Chicken22097 years ago
NAOW! ;)
had to change it first :D
Joe Martin (author)  Chicken22097 years ago
I had to save that, It may be next months wallpaper for me ;) And I may have to get the back to the future trilogy out to watch again now!
I saved it and made it my wallpaper myself.
I think this might be one of my tshirt walls...
Purple gnome ftw!
july ss.png
that looks like a disco.
Joe Martin (author)  Lithium Rain7 years ago
I love purple, I approve very much! Hows Linux going, I thought you were on xp only a while ago?
Thanks! it's going great for sooo many reasons: security, flexibility, customizablility, ease of repair... (I haven't run XP on my primary machine for more than a year now, I switched a few months ago from vista when I finally figured out how to dualboot and haven't looked back). :D I've learned a whole lot and it's just beginning...I wish I had stuck with it when I first tried it years ago.
Joe Martin (author)  Lithium Rain7 years ago
I'm really going to have to give Linux another go I think!
I'd definitely recommend it! Ubuntu is great and not that hard to install...
DJ Radio7 years ago
I cant show my desktop until I finish installing webroot security. It wont minimize.
Goodhart7 years ago
Here is my current one.....I was using the DaVinci standard desk top until recently.
gmjhowe7 years ago
Here is my current desktop! (its made up of three screens, 7" mimo screen, portrait 20" screen, landscape 20" screen.
Joe Martin (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago
Golly! Very clever set of screens and a great use of wallpapers.

I'm thinking of getting a usb screen just for watching iplayer and 4od in bed rather than having to have the whole laptop on a tray on me. Or just a longer vga cable to reach my computer monitor, But that wouldn't be very fun! =D
Thanks! We were talking about dinosaurs in the IRC chatroom, and I had a moment of creativity. Yeah, I did think about running a USB cable across my room to my bed. You can get adapters for running USB of ethernet cable, which allows you to use longer cables, and gives better quality etc. I tend to use my iPod Touch for watching iplayer, not really tried 4OD yet..
iplayer's nicer than 4OD in my opinion, both function well it's just iplayer feels better implemented to me...
Joe Martin (author)  killerjackalope7 years ago
iplayer is much better IMO too however I much prefer channel 4's programs. I've watched all episodes of grand designs up to date :P
Ah mostly it's top gear that draws me to iplayer...
Ah the little old mac plan worked then?
Is working out, a taste of things to come.
To take a screenshot in Linux (Only tested personally on ubuntu and fedora...I imagine all debian based distros would be the same but not sure) , go to Applications>Accessories>Take screenshot.