Desktops of August

Hello all! This month would of been held by gmjhowe but he is very busy with moving into his new house right now so is unable to. Ahh, August is my favourite of the months seeing as MY BIRTHDAY is in it also school/ college is out and I've got a nice long relaxing summer to look forward to.

What are you all waiting for, Get printscreening and show off your desktop. Don't be shy!

To take a picture of your desktop on a windows machine use the printscreen key on your keyboard, Open up paint, Edit, Paste and then save this as a png. then upload this onto Instructables.

To take a screenshot on a mac use the apple key, Shift and 3. This will save the picture to your desktop then you can upload it to Instructables.

To take a screenshot in Linux go to Applications>Accessories>Take screenshot. If this doesn't work blame Lithium Rain ;-)

Right, for mine on my EeePC this month I'm using the Kupo-Finale Visual Style from lassekongo83.

For my wallpaper this month I had a nice change for me, A nice bit of Banksy. I love his work I have quite a collection of wallpapers from Banksy so I may alternate throughout the month.

The icon set is yet again is Dark Theme for IconTweaker which is a free program to change your icons. I may change the icon set next month ;)

What are you all waiting for, Get them on here and if you haven't changed it from last month change it NOW and post it up!

Peace out!

Picture of Desktops of August
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Green: changed after last month's post but before this one Rainbow: changed just now! :) ...and I just found a BETTER one that I think I will use XD
OOOOOOOOOOOO nice wallpapers
Oh if you want any of them I can dig them out for you. :D
Could i troubble you for the 3rd one ? The earth one ? thank you thank you thank you thank you
oooo pretty ! Thanks :)
You're welcome. :)
Thanks :D
Joe Martin (author)  Lithium Rain8 years ago
Ohhhhhhh! Me likey the rainbow one and the earth/sun one, I wouldn't be able to choose!
=SMART=8 years ago
Ill tidy icons and then post :P
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