Desktops of Oct & Nov - Creative Patch Addition

Want to get another patch? Last months desktop wallpaper thread did excellent, it would seem you loved the idea of getting some patches for your work.

This month I am going to ask you to work harder for your patches! I want to encourage your creativity, so dig out one of your best digital photos, whip open photoshop, or show off a great new interface.

All unique, creative and personal desktop screenshots will get a patch!

Unique, creative and personal means we are looking for something new and fresh, not just a wallpaper grabbed off deviant art! Whether its a custom interface, or a home made wallpaper, just something that is unique to you.

This month I have a couple of home made wallpapers to show off, I created both of these from scratch. By scratch I mean I actually cut up those bits of card, and glued those bits of marble.
Both wallpapers were then accented and grunged up in photoshop. I then used geektool to match the type already on the card to make the date and time blend in.
Tinkertool adds a few extras, including the modded dock, and menu bar items. Little Snitch runs in the menu bar, keeping an eye on what programs are doing.
3rd screen has a picture of my Fiance - as always :D
4th pictures shows my crazy screen set up!

What are you waiting for? Post your most creative desktop set up, and claim you patch! Be sure to explain any fancy programs you have running also.
  • To take a picture of your desktop on a windows machine use the printscreen key on your keyboard, Open up paint, Edit, Paste and then save this as a png. then upload this onto Instructables.
  • To take a screenshot on a mac use the apple key, Shift and 3. This will save the picture to your desktop then you can upload it to Instructables.
  • To take a screenshot in Ubuntu go to Applications>Accessories>Take screenshot. If this doesn't work blame Lithium Rain ;-)
PS, I know this is like 28 days late, but I have been busy (I get married on the 7th of Nov!), also doing a joint two month edition means I will be able to check back and dish out patches!

Picture of Desktops of Oct & Nov - Creative Patch Addition
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Labot20017 years ago
Where's our desktops of December?
Derin Labot20017 years ago
Where's our desktops of December, January, February, March and April?
I took the picture, too!
Wow gmjhowe!  You desktops are fantastic!  (Didn't read the description until now >>)
Doctor What8 years ago
I managed to find a sincere Chi's sweet home on the interwebs, aka, did not create it myself, but I just liked the blueness....
Ethanal8 years ago
 Here's mine.  I am running GeekTool, iStat Menus, Quicksilver, and Dashboard developer mode.  Extra credit for anyone who can name all the applications in my dock (I would give a patch, but I'm not pro).
Screen shot 2009-11-24 at 9.56.36 PM.png
gmjhowe (author)  Ethanal8 years ago
 I can get all the ones I can make out, but the dock icons are pretty small, making it hard.
Ethanal gmjhowe8 years ago
gmjhowe (author)  Ethanal8 years ago
Thats the one I was trying! 
 Custom-drawn - this has always bothered me.

(If you don't get it, consider: assuming the diagram is totally complete, where does the backwash - water/spit that spills out of your mouth and drains away - go?)
I've known since I was 6_edited-2.png
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