Dessert Contest Typo

On http://www.instructables.com/contest/dessert/ under Prizes,
The Grand prize has a typo:
"One Grand Prize winner will receive an iPad 2 with 16BG and WiFi. Winner will also receive an Instructables Prize Pack."
The BG should be a GB (Unless you are talking about Beta-Gamma)

caitlinsdad3 years ago
It means 16 Big Gigabytes worth or ram, just like on my knockoff touchscreen mp3 player, just like my Rollex has 18 carot gold on it.
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Fixed, thanks!
mh76dk3 years ago
when I first read your quote I mentally corrected it to GB, and meanwhile thought you were going to say that it should say "iPad 3..." ;-)

schumi23 (author)  mh76dk3 years ago
You mean it isn't? :D