Destroy Build Destroy is a TV show for li'l makers

The new Destroy Build Destroy show with Andrew WK almost makes me want to get cable. Teams of kids get to wreck stuff, build from the wreckage, and then wreck some more stuff.

And to think the coolest thing I had growing up was Double Dare.

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Picture of Destroy Build Destroy is a TV show for li'l makers
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davidnuzzo8 years ago
How do i get on dis show
NYPA8 years ago
it's actually pretty cool. There are two teams who get to destroy of blow up stuff then they use the wreckage to build a vehicle that preforms a task. The winners get to blow up the losers vehicle.
*sniff* I'm so proud... pyromaniacs in the making!!!
NYPA8 years ago
nice. Look ma! no hands! ( literally)
=SMART=8 years ago
Holy crab that looks cool. There is one girl who keeps screeching, I want to destroy her.. We need an instructables team !!
...and build someone else?
That gave me an idea to make a group called destroy rebuild or something like that im not going to but that would be a cool group of stuff that was made from other broken stuff
lol as do i
n8man =SMART=8 years ago
I was about to say that the one thing that would keep me from watching that show are the screamy girls on it.
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