Detailed Lego Gun Instructions

Hello everyone, I have recently created a lego bolt action, magazine fed, streaty121 type gun that i will be more than willing to share with all of you who also want to build a lego gun. The reason the instructions are not already up, is the long recording process of showing how to build the gun, so I first wanted to make sure that people were going to view the instructable before I went through all the process. The gun is fairly simple, easy to use, and doesnt require many "special" parts. If anyone is interested in instructions for the gun, please either private message me, or comment on the topic saying that you would like instructions. Thank you :)

Picture of Detailed Lego Gun Instructions
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misterion2 years ago
отправьте инструкцию пожалуйста
send 2 plz
jake203 years ago
post instructions
CrashMGD (author) 3 years ago
I apologize to those of you who have been waiting for instructions. Unfortunately, the gun was destroyed a while ago without any pictures or reminders of how I assembled this gun. I apologize for the inconvenience, but there will be no instructions for this gun. Thank you for the support, and again I apologize.
meaner67883 years ago
sed instructions!!!!!!!! to please
Razeial3 years ago
not too bad looking... if you could send instructions to i would be greatful.
make it where you can let many people have instructions on this.
i mean everyone
lsaunders33 years ago
cool! May I have instructions? Email is
wiljack223 years ago
can you send me the instructions plz
dmiller133 years ago
i would like them too,
Pritster4 years ago
Awesome I'd like instructions email me the instructions at
cool! May I have instructions? Email is .
Kyouki4 years ago
I would love instructions. If you already have them or some that you can share, just email me
CrashMGD (author)  Kyouki4 years ago
sure thing bro, i will begin working on the tutorial, for you asap. if you dont hear from me in 1 to 2 weeks than shoot me a private message to remind me for my schedule for the next few weeks is very busy, thank you :)