Device to get rid of pesky pigeons on balcony?

Nothing that would permanently harm the pigeons (although it is tempting), but something that would scare the bejesus out of them. Maybe a motion sensor that would swing something to scare them.... maybe it woud play a predator sound when they got too close... the possibilities are endless. Please help!

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crapflinger8 years ago
if you're ever in downtown knoxville TN (market square to be exact)'ll hear two completely disconcerting is a VERY large propane cannon that goes off at random intervals (sounds like a civil war black powder cannon) and then the weirdest bird call you've ever's the call of some kind of raptor (not sure which)...but if you've never heard it...and you've never gotten the explanation that it's coming from a speaker on top of one of the buildings it's pretty creepy
frollard8 years ago
very loose but fine mesh keeps the birds off my balcony -almost invisible.
motion acticated strobe light/siren combonation
irishchaos (author)  Zaphod Beeblebrox8 years ago
Ok, send me instructions, since this is the Instructables site!
just an idea its definitely possible though i do not know quite what
FN P90 TR (triple rail version) personal defense weapon / submachine gun, with installed accessories including optical sight on top rail, flashlight on left rail, and silencer on the barrel
irishchaos (author)  albylovesscience8 years ago
That thing would also take care of pesky neighbors, a few dogs, and an accidental car or two!
dryrainman8 years ago
try putting a piece of wood with nails in it and placing that on the window sill, have the nails facing upwards so that when the pidgeons land on it it wont harm them, but it will deterre them away from the window sill, the nails dont need to bee that big if you dont want to see them, just apply it to your window sill with a bit of adisive glue
easy get a horse fence shocker and put the wire back and forth along the areas the sit. horses learn, so will pigeons
This keeps birds out of my friend's vineyard. It's called the Bird-X Scare-Eye Balloon and they are $10.00.
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