The Dice-o-Matic is "a 7 foot tall, 104 pound, dice-eating monster, capable of generating 1.3 million rolls a day." It was built and is used by the owner of a gaming website, who received too many complaints of insufficient randomness on his previous computer-generated dice-rolling strategies. It is true that computers cannot generate TRULY random numbers... The Dice-o-Matic, however, is exactly as random as an actual dice roll. Because it does actually roll dice! A LOT OF DICE!

More info, including an awesome video of it in operation, here.

Picture of Dice-o-Matic
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rachel (author) 8 years ago
No, no no no no no... it has nothing to do with Pygmalion, it's based on several short stories by Damon Runyan, who wrote of New York in the 1920's and '30's. One of the best musicals ever. I know all the songs :)
kelseymh rachel8 years ago
You're right, Rachel; thanks! That's what I get for writing before coffee. I'm deleting the whole d***ed comment, given the huge number of errors.
(What do you do to whole comments that aren't d**med?) =P
Haha, that sounds weird to me, going into the afternoon. :p
I am so confused.
You should be, now that I have inflicted so much sudden confusion upon you. Send your thanks to Rachel for correcting my endless stream of misinformation...
kelseymh8 years ago
My God! What in the name of everything holy would Nathan Detroit think?
You called?
You're kidding! You mean they actually let you watch Rogers and Hammerstein musicals?!?
rachel (author)  kelseymh8 years ago
Also, not by Rogers & Hammerstein; it's a Frank Loesser work. So there.
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