Did I Sleep Last Night?

Yet another benefit of getting an adequate amount of sleep: a more accurate memory. According to researchers in Europe, a lack of sleep increases the likelihood of forming false memories.

However, there are two ways of avoiding this: test subjects who caught up on their sleep debt had a similar level of false memories as those who had not been sleep deprived at all. Or, you can try the classic morning method: drink coffee.

They took two more groups of volunteers, deprived them of sleep, and then gave them either caffeine or a placebo in the morning, one hour before their memories were tested. The group given caffeine had 10% fewer false memories than those who did not receive any, an effect McCabe describes as "quite striking."

Despite their recent closures, Starbucks must be very excited to hear this news.

Take a look at the full sleep/memory article from naturenews. How much sleep are you getting each night?

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yourcat8 years ago
Um... I wake up at 7:30 consistently enough, but (depending on how good the book I'm reading is) I might get to sleep any time between 10:30 and 12:30.
I'll just not sleep once every two weeks or so. It doesn't really make a notable difference, other than the pleasant "dulling" effect that follows a sleepless night.
5-8 hours. My boyfriend works later shifts than I do, and I always find myself staying up too late so I can talk to him when he gets home. I know I need more, but it's hard sometimes.
If I was going to ibles headquarters in a week, I wouldn't sleep at all!
I know! Nervous, nervous, nervous! I've never been to California, or even flown that far before, and I'm leaving the husband and kids and this is so weird. :P Very excited though. :)
You have kids?!
Hahaha, like Miko said, just in a long term relationship with three cats. :P I just think it's funnier to put it that way!
Ah, I see now...I wondered if I had missed some important announcements. :D
Kids: cats Husband: boyfriend Strange, you girls are..... strange...
And you're married?!
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