Did anyone have a bad day today?

Today is Friday the thirteenth. If anyone had a bad day, just say it here. Dont worry, This topic is to help cheer ppl up. For me- The day was fine enough.

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blkhawk5 years ago
Had left shoulder surgery for torn ligaments. I was pricked seven times on my right arms by the anesthesiologist trying to find a vein. Surgery was at 1:30 PM and I had nothing to drink or eat. I was given a nerve blocker for my left arm and it felt that it weighed a ton. The nurse forgot to add my birth date to the prescription for the pain medication. I have my arm on a sling and I had to sleep on my recliner. Other than that I'm fine!
OUCH! My right shoulder just ached for you... (been there done that). :(

Feel better soon.
Thank you! :-)
canucksgirl5 years ago
Had to revive this topic... OMG what a weird day of oddities... Then I realized that it was in fact Friday the 13th... GO FIGURE!!!
Thanks to this superstition, Friday the thirteenth is, in fact, the safest day of the year - fewest road accidents, fewest admissions to hospital through A&E.
Yes, people are to scared to do anything
J Moneyman8 years ago
me and my girlfriend broke up on F 13th
whasn't it valentines day too?
Me too....
HOLY CRAP!!!! wierd
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