Did you see the Lunar Eclipse?

Well, unfortunately i did not see the lunar eclipse because it was too cloudy. =(

But did any of you see it?
Was it pretty cool?

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n8man9 years ago
I saw it
Goodhart9 years ago
Too many clouds, it was severely cold here, the snow would have gotten in my eyes, and one final things.....*sigh*....I was working.
Severely cold there, and I was out barefooted and in a t-shirt. I saw some of it, but Mythbusters got in my way of seeing all of it. I still want to see the solar eclipse though. I missed it last time.
You mean the one on Aug 1, 2008 ?

Link for Aug 1 08 Solar Eclipse

I didn't know that there is going to be one in August. Thanks for the info. Now it's just going to be remembering it...
Yes, well, you see that blue band in the Pic? that is where it will be pretty much Total....as you get further south of the line, it is less of an eclipse.
Yeah, I read the link after I had posted that comment. Kind of unfortunate... Maybe it would be a good time for that trip to Europe I have been thinking about...
Even there it is pretty far north. Maybe a trip to Canada to see the eclipse of the sun ? *sorry* there is nostalgic music playing in the back of my head LOL Something about going to Nova Scotia to see the total eclipse of the sun......
Ah, you're right. I was looking at all of the bands. Canada would probably be cheaper anyways...
iman its a lion9 years ago
I still want to see the solar eclipse though. I missed it last time.
Me too :(
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