Din-Ink! The pen is mightier than the fork.

Want to know what a designer or a food writer might use to eat with in the future? These Din-Ink pen caps/utensils let you eat your food and then write about it immediately after. It's a bizarre fusion of two ideas and I'd be concerned about some sauce getting inside the cap, but it certainly is a conversation piece.


Picture of Din-Ink! The pen is mightier than the fork.
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darkmuskrat10 years ago
Well, ive also had this idea so more would have to be looked at to see whats up but damn good idea.
schnobbles10 years ago
Looks a little too familial to a project a friend and I worked on nearly 2 years ago if ya ask me...see for yourselves:


Coincidence?? I can't help but be a little suspicious...
fungus amungus (author)  schnobbles10 years ago
Yes, that second link is especially damning.
LinuxH4x0r10 years ago
This would have one the mashup contest. Neat idea.
Patrik10 years ago
This site has some other cool design competitions as well. Here's one that may be particularly relevant to our current speed contest:

Bright LED

Here's a few that I think are particularly cute:

Goodhart10 years ago
I can see it now, someone chomps down on the spoon or fork, the cap comes off while in the mouth, and they absentmindedly dip the pen into the food. :-) It is a unique idea though.
Patrik Goodhart10 years ago
I think "special" is the term you were looking for... ;-)
Brennn1010 years ago
That is quite the mashup!
ledzep56710 years ago
it would be better if they didnt use such cheap pens. but then again, you can put the cap on many different pens if they run out of ink!
megapun1310 years ago