Dinosaur Bed!

It's a dinosaur bed! Sure to eat up all those bad dreams, right?


Picture of Dinosaur Bed!
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roarroar347 years ago
Oh this is jjust way too cool. How in the world did you make it? I want one so bad now.
That's scary!
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing......Hello and welcome to my nightmare !   LOL 

qui-gon6217 years ago

Totally Awesome.

You know what would be cool? If you have the head part, and a neck tunnel that led out of you room. Of course, it'd be annoying to climb through a tunnel just to get inside...
omg that would be so awesome lol i would go thru the tunnel even if it had a normal door
kawisahos317 years ago
wow! that's awesome!!
Doctor What7 years ago
fozzy137 years ago
That's awesome! I love how the neck of the dinosaur is painted on the wall then comes out into the bed.
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