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Hi, i have a bunch of diodes laying around, can somebody explain the diode function on multimeter? sure, there's numbers on the multimeter, but what do they mean? maybe give me a formula? Thank You!

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guyfrom7up9 years ago
The diode function of a multi meter tells weather a diode is good (working) or not. It should conduct one way, and be highly resistive the other way.
By highly resistive, he mean nearly infinity ohms.
Sandisk1duo (author)  tech-king9 years ago
i understand that part ; ) but i read that you can figure out how much current/volts it will lower, kind of like a resistor and voltage ragulator
ohh. all diodes, when properly biased, lower the voltage by about 0.6 volts. they do not lower current.
Sandisk1duo (author)  tech-king9 years ago
so even the specialty zener diodes lower voltage by 0.6?
Actually, there's a lot of variance in voltage drop between diode types.

-General silicon diodes are around 0.6 or 0.7, as TK wrote.
-Germanium diodes (as the diodes in the photo look to be) are closer to ~0.3.
-And Schottky diodes can be lower still (as low 0.15, but they vary widely)

The forward voltage drop of zener is similar to other silicon types (of course, there's variance within all these types.)
gmoon gmoon9 years ago
Oh--and just connect the diode to your voltage source and compare the output to the known voltage. The difference is the voltage drop. Also, I forgot to add LEDs to that list--their voltage drop is anywhere from 1.5 to 4V...
tech-king gmoon9 years ago
good call, i forgot about how germanium and schottky diodes have a different voltage drop than silicone ones.
gmoon tech-king9 years ago
Yeah, it's still fresh in my mind from doing my Diode-Clipping Distortion mod (step 3, w/diode specs.)
Sandisk1duo (author)  gmoon9 years ago
so can i use diodes to make a basic regulator?
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