Disco Hoodies stop laser beams and blind pilots!

We recently got to hang out with the gang over at Betabrand. They gave us soft and warm Vagisoft Blankets and Disco Hoodies to give away as part of our weekly challenges. We were so blown away by how crazyawesome these reversible disco hoodies were we had an impromptu photo shoot on the roof of the lab. Angelabchua, Natalina, canida and lamedust modeled these hoodies on our fire escape, and passerby pedestrians across the street were wondering what all the reflective commotion was. 

Want to win your own reversible Disco Hoodie?
Head on over to the Scoochmaroo Challenge: Bling! for all the details. Hurry, the Challenge ends midnight (PST) December 18, 2011!

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fjordcarver5 years ago
Thanks for the 'Bling' Instructables!!
camera - Bob,Bocea.jpg
susanrm5 years ago
Witness the quiet shiny. From a proud winner.
ElvenChild6 years ago
The name leaves something to be desired...
jeff-o6 years ago
I gotta ask: what marketing genius came up with the name "Vagisoft"???

That said, I want one!
I got one in the stay warm contest! It is amazing!
hahahah touche pussy cat... touche!
popewill6 years ago
Daaaannnnggggggg... someones got some hops!
canucksgirl6 years ago
wow... shiny :)
Leo46136 years ago
Said foam 'cause then I could bling it up and try it in both foam and bling challenge. lol ; ) : )
Leo46136 years ago
All I have to say is.... Looookiiinnnngg Gooooddd!! :) :)
Now I wish I had some foam and something to contribute. :(
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