Discovery Shuttle Launch - Photos

Discovery Had Successful Liftoff about 15 minutes ago... I live in Orlando, FL so I am about 50-60 miles from the spaceport. She lit up the horizon, and I took a few pictures from a point and shoot camera (so of course its kinda funky). Yes, we could hear it rumbling ;) I need to see if I can lighten it -- but I have a picture of the SRB separation -- you can see three objects. After than, the shuttle looks like a really REALLY bright white star.

Picture of Discovery Shuttle Launch - Photos
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Gnaw10 years ago
Humm... space shuttle? or... cleaver pictures of a street-light or the sun! Maybe there was NO shuttle launch! MAYBE... they want other countries to THINK there was one so they can fuel the space race! Ranting aside, cool pictures.
trebuchet03 (author)  Gnaw10 years ago
haha... and that ISS/shuttle flyover was just really REALLY bright junk that we never put up in space o.0 :P
Wade Tarzia10 years ago
Cool. I heard on the radio that we in the North east could see a little of the shuttle but I didn't know where to find the exact time of launch (no TV) and cloud cover was bad. I was wondering how this south-north launch let them reach the space station, which is not in a polar orbit, nor a maxium energy launch. Admittedly I know little about orbital mechanics. Any one cantell me?
intoon10 years ago
I used to live in Winter Park, in the Orlando area. We would go out on our back patio and could see the shuttle go up over our was pretty sweet.
trebuchet03 (author)  intoon10 years ago
Wow.. right around the corner :P I pass through winter park regularly for my frequent trips to skycraft surplus :P
Damn you beat me to it, the wife and I went to the coast thursday for the launch, but tonight had concert tickets for OPO at Leu gardens, just got home in time to grab the camera and run outside.