Disecting Strobe FX

Hello all you LED inventors I have a few questions for you....One of My Favorite LED toys ever is the Stobe FX LED wand(which they dont make anymore) they used to be ten bux each NOW they are like 75 a pair on EBAY....What I would like to do if possible is collaborate with some one that knows electronics and might beable to hel me recreate the effect but Modify it for durability...The wand has 30 mode and 2 buttons one turns it one and one changes the color 15 original modes but if you hold the CHANGE button it send orignal into slowest too fastest mode...I have some "dead" soliders that I can use for "POI" like to practice my FIRE arts.. Neighborly Yours Dave myspace.com/hrdcr4lf

tdavis321 year ago

I still have one that actualy works and one that is bashed apart... I think I might have to delve into your idea here myself. Also arduino seems like it would be too big doesnt it? Or u mean program the board thats in the wand with the arduino?

drline7 years ago
in fact i was planning to do this exact same thing but possibly with more programs etc. we'll see what happens
drline7 years ago
get an arduino
hrdcr4lf (author) 9 years ago
Help a Newbie out Pleease