Distressing vinyl

Has anyone ever experimented with distressing vinyl to the point that it's all cracked and gnarly?  See the image.  Thanks.

Picture of Distressing vinyl
gmoon6 years ago
caitlinsdad6 years ago
If you really want that look, I guess you can accelerate the aging and weathering process by sticking it under a UV lamp, use a heat gun and water pressure hose, put it in and out of the freezer a couple of times. If it still holds together, you've got some aged vinyl.
jellysix (author)  caitlinsdad6 years ago
That's what I figured. Common sense stuff. I was just hoping there was some vinyl distressing wizard out there who could teach me wondrous insta-aging secrets, like applying ammonia or alcohol, or something to speed up the process. Seems like this stuff (though I suppose cartop vinyl may be different from other types of vinyl, which may be substituted?) typically withstands the natural elements for years, so I'm not very confident it's realistic to try to distress it in a reasonable timeframe using similar means. Guess I should start experimenting.

Thanks for the comment.
Seems like most people would try to preserve or restore the look of auto vinyl. But maybe you can apply those cracklin paint glazes. Scuffing up with weapons of mass destruction and sandpaper only gets you the ragged look. I would think chemicals would only give a nice haze and not the cracked effect unless you can figure out what accelerates the hardening of the plastic. Try acetone or turpentine or lighter fluid as solvents. Of course, extremely flammable.