Diving Equipment

I am selling scuba, or diving gear. It hasn't been used for a while and it's taking up space. You can buy by piece, or you can buy everything. This is what is included. - Tank - Weight belt - Knife - Regulator - Etc. I will post pictures soon. Pm if interested. No price. Give a good offer. (This picture isn't it)

Picture of Diving Equipment
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N1CK4ND08 years ago
sweet, got my scuba license not too long ago, i was looking for some gear, email me at n1ck4nd0@gmail.com
I am taking a diving class but can't afford to by all of the equipment what do you want for all of it ?
how much for the tank and regulater?
Dorkfish929 years ago
my dive knife just bit the dust. What kind of knife is it? Just give me a name and i'll look it up. PM me when pictures are up please.
ll.139 years ago
What's the knife like, can you post a link to details about it? thanks.